#Free #FridayReads: Being One Of The Annointed Is Tough


This is it, ladies and gentlemen! The end times! The apocalypse! Pastor Al Purifoy and his deacons have the inside scoop on the exact date that the world is coming to an end, and now they’re tasked with choosing who gets let in on the secret.

It turns out to be a little more difficult than they thought, weeding out the less-than-worthy of God’s grace, and with a spitfire named Lydia along for the ride, it’s going to get bumpy!

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Add A Little Sizzle To Your Valentine’s Day With ‘Ready In Red’


It’s Valentine’s Day, and a girl shouldn’t be alone with only Netflix for company. Val gets pulled out to a bar by a friend in need, only to find a hot and friendly bartender who makes her very glad she remembered to wear her matching red lingerie that morning. She’s primed and ready for a steamy night, and Zach more than delivers.

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Read A Copy Of My New Year’s Eve Novella – FREE!


That’s right! Happy end of a really crappy year for most people – ring in the new year with a steamy romance FREE!

Lauren prides herself on being a professional woman with one hard and fast rule: don’t ever date anyone you work with. That all goes to hell the minute Ross strolls in the door, with a wicked accent, a rocking body and a face chiseled by angels. Add to that his single-minded determination to get to know Lauren on a more-than-professional basis, and all her carefully crafted rules begin to blur. From the company holiday party to a New Year’s Eve masquerade ball, Ross teases and torments until Lauren decides to send the old year out with a bang. A really, really good bang.

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Santa Delivers All Sorts Of Good Things in ‘Naughty or Nice’

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In my holiday novella, Naughty or Nice, Olivia has just finished her Christmas Eve shift in retail. She’s looking forward (not) to a quiet evening alone when she bumps into the mall Santa – who happens to be the guy she’s been crushing on from afar, filling in for some extra cash. Olivia decides to take a chance on an evening with Jason, and finds out that wishes really do come true – in spite of meddling best friends.

“Maybe we should move to the bed,” she said breathlessly.
Jason smiled down at her. “I have to stop kissing you first, and I don’t know if I can do that,” he said with a chuckle, kissing her once more.
He finally eased off of her, pulling her up to a sitting position. Olivia pushed her mussed-up hair out of her face self-consciously as she caught sight of his impish grin.
“What?” she asked, running her fingers under her eyes just in case her mascara had smudged or something.
“Is that – ” he looked past her shoulder. “Is that a Hitachi wand?” Continue reading

Want To Put Some Heat In Your Holiday?


Check out my holiday novellas, Naughty or Nice and Auld Lang Sin. Only $.99 on Amazon for Kindle or at Smashwords for all reading devices.

Naughty or Nice

Olivia just finished working an eleven hour retail shift on Christmas Eve, and all she wants for Christmas is to get off her aching feet – and to get off. Being single at Christmas can lead a girl to desperate measures, and when Olivia makes her wish to the Santa at the Mall, she gets fulfilled like she’s never been before. Will Santa find her naughty? Or will her Christmas turn out oh-so-nice?

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Auld Lang Sin

Lauren prides herself on her professionalism and has one hard rule: she won’t date someone she works with. Then Ross strolls in with a killer accent and killer abs and shoulders and wicked gleam in his eye, making her re-think all those parameters. From the office Christmas party to a steamy New Year’s Eve masquerade ball, he’s determined to wear down those defenses, and Lauren finds herself blurring lines and digging her fingers into a muscular back as the ball drops.

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