Once Upon A Time Musings….There’s Something About Henry


Who is the writer?

There are a lot of theories out there, but the one that I like (and makes sense to me, given the seeding in the storyline) is that the writer is some incarnation of Future Henry.

Stay with me now.

  • Henry is the one the book was given to first. With that book, he started the ball rolling, so to speak.
  • The book is Henry’s personal talisman, bringing back his memories at the end of season three.
  • Henry has the heart of the truest believer – which I can’t help but believe means more to the story than just an arc in the first half of season three.
  • Henry, more than anyone, wants to see people redeemed, he wants to see their stories change and grow
  • Henry is an amazingly, exceptionally bright and imaginative person
  • And as much as I would hate this – can you just see grown-up Henry, reading from the storybook to his kids someday, in his New York apartment, in the normal world, and all these seasons have been just an elaborate fairytale he wove because he was a lonely kid? Yeah, that would suck, but it’s not like the writers haven’t pulled crap like this before. I’m looking at you, LOST.

I did see a phenomenal idea tossed out in an online forum that I would go absolutely batshit over:

What if future Regina is the author? If anyone’s motivated to send a book back through time to change her own, personal story, it would be Evil Queen Regina, in the far off future, alone and full of regret.

Something to ponder, as we slog through hiatus. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some smutty Captain Swan fics to write.

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