My Writer Brain Train Is DeRailing Itself


So, here I am, knee-deep in my current fanfic (that’s it above), and my next fanfic idea is eating my gray matter, insisting that I outline it and begin sketching in some details.

So here I am, in final formatting and edits for the third book of my trilogy, and my next trilogy revealed itself in a burst of creative light a few days ago and is blazing through me, demanding to be written.

So here I am, trying to market my current Holiday Adult Romance, when another contemporary romance is snaking through my brain every evening on my commute home from work.

I have entirely, ENTIRELY too  much swirling in my brain and no time to harness any of it and direct it properly.

It’s frustrating in the extreme. But it’s all good. Better to be overflowing with ideas, than to have nothing.

I’ve had plenty of days where I had nothing.

Nothing sucks.

So here I am, trying to wade through all the juicy, sexy, crazy and intriguing plot details spilling out of my brain.

Yeah, baby. Bring it ON.

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