The Seeder Saga – Very Different Women, Very Different Worlds

SkyWomanRain in the MoonlightCov

If you’ve perused this blog or my author site on Amazon or Smashwords, you’ve no doubt read the synopses of both of the Seeder books by now.

Book one (Sky Woman) is Miri’s story, and the story of the men of Falenua house, and without giving away major spoilers, it’s the story of a girl dropped into entirely unexpected circumstances and finding a way to thrive not just in spite of it, but because of it. Miri learns that she’s far from the ordinary girl she’s always considered herself to be, and she learns to redefine love and even her own sexuality in ways she never, ever expected.

Book two (Rain In The Moonlight) is Rain’s story, and Ajan’s equally. Rain is a damaged soul and she covers it with a lot of guts and bravado. Ajan is force of nature – quite literally – with primal, almost savage tendencies that serve him well in his line of work but can be rough for a girl who’s trying to keep her guard up. The two of them finding their way together is honestly one of my more poignant and beautiful love stories, because it was so hard-won.

We met Indar briefly at the end of book one, and got to know him a little better in book two, but book three is where you get him full-force, and learn just how amazing and nearly magical the entire Seeder corps is. In addition, you meet Lizzie, a smart girl who’s not a pushover for an interstellar Casanova – even one who’s hiding a big and very lonely secret.

Just a reminder – I’m offering my readers a special discount through the end of the year on the first two Seeder books, via Smashwords. Use these coupon codes, and get half off the cover price!

Sky Woman – DT87G

Rain in the Moonlight – VX94G

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