Here’s A Good Writer/Reader Question: What Would Your Book Be?


Let’s pretend that Ray Bradbury’s novel, “Farenheit 451” is the society in which we live today. Books are banned, and a group of dissidents determined to safeguard works of literature have taken it upon themselves to memorize their favorite books, as a means of preserving them.

So let me ask you: What would your book be?

My initial response would be “anything by Ray Bradbury” because I love his work so much. Maybe “The Martian Chronicles” or “The Illustrated Man”. Or maybe I’d be preserving Harry Potter books – God knows I’ve read them all. I have a strong desire to preserve “Jonathon Livingston Seagull”, too. And how about “Goodnight Moon”? How do I pick just one?

Anyway, it’s food for thought. Let’s hope it never becomes reality.

In the meantime….

What’s your book?

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