My Brain Is All Over The Place Today


I have a serious case of what I call “Irons-in-the-Fire Syndrome.” I have the final edits and read-through of Changeling to finish so I can release (hopefully today, but maybe tomorrow if I get interrupted), but my next book is demanding that I pay attention to it. The plot is rich and full and already mapping itself out, throwing chunks of dialogue at me, moistening my eyes with tender moments, and making me squirm on my commute home with thoughts of how well these two people fit together.

In addition to that, I have new FanFiction to plan out (although that’s not as huge of a deal. I’ve started fics with a lot less to go on and the beauty of Fanfic is you have to write one chapter at a time and it leads you to the plot points as they evolve). And alongside all that, I have a job writing articles for an online magazine, this blog and another blog to manage, and I have a non-fiction book I’m putting together on a specialized subject.

All while working a full-time day job and with primary custody of two kids.

No wonder I don’t have a social life. Sheesh.

My downfall as a writer has always been the discipline. I can write thousands of words a day (literally!) but ask me to actually finish a project and it’s like the gears all grind to a halt. I have to force myself to write, and I hate that. I hate it hard.

At least I do have one recently finished project to tout: you can read my new Valentine’s Day story for only $.99 !!

Check it out on Amazon and Smashwords!

It’s Valentine’s Day, and a girl shouldn’t be alone with only Netflix for company. Val gets pulled out to a bar by a friend in need, only to find a hot and friendly bartender who makes her very glad she remembered to wear her matching red lingerie that morning. She’s primed and ready for a steamy night, and Zach more than delivers.


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