Falling In Love With Your Characters


I am so in love with Michael.

He’s the man from Someday In Dublin, and he’s very devil-may-care and impulsive and crazy fun. I could write about Michael, talk like Michael and let Michael get naked and do all sorts of wild and exciting things to me all day long.

The problem is, the story isn’t just about Michael. The story is about Amy, too.

My female characters are usually pretty well thought out and generally very strong people. Maybe they don’t always seem to start out that way, like Miri in Sky Woman or Rina in Eight Nights At Sea, but they come into their own and it’s all good. Sometimes they’re a force to be reckoned with from the start, like Rain from Rain In The Moonlight or Lizzie from Changeling. I always have a good idea of who they are and where they’re going.

But Amy is giving me problems. She’s sort of a lost and drifting soul, but more out of fear than anything else. Michael is a lost soul all his own, and for very different reasons. And in one kismet-filled weekend, they make a connection, only to have it ripped apart with a revelation that rocks them both.

And I really, really need to tell Amy’s side of the story….if I can stop thinking about Michael so much.

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