Do You Ever Worry That You’ll Run Out Of Ideas?


Right now, I am swimming – swimming, I tells ya – in ideas for novels. Like, enough novels to keep me busy for the next year at least. But then what?

What if I can’t come up with the next thing?

What if I lose my mojo and just can’t do it anymore?

I worry about that! I honestly do. What if I fall in love with some guy and I’m so happy and fulfilled that I don’t know how to write angst and tension and horny people.

Okay, you never really forget how to be horny, I guess. But still….

These are the thoughts that keep me up at night, and then I sit up in bed, pull out the laptop and lull myself to sleep with the tapping of the keyboard as stuff spills out of my brain.

Then I read it over the next day and think “WTF did I write at 2am?”

And so the cycle continues…

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