FanFic Friday: Before They Found Romance – They Were Friends With Benefits


In my FanFic “It Is What It Isn’t”, Hook and Emma strike a deal to become “Friends with Benefits.” The fic was written during early season 3, before Zelena and before Emma lost her memory, so Neal is still in the picture, and he and Hook find themselves the target of a particularly nasty curse.

Here’s a taste of some of the fun with Emma and Killian…

“Hook -” Emma’s hand came up to forestall him. We need to set some ground rules here.”

He arched a brow at her. “Let me guess. This is going to be a one-time thing.”

Emma walked over to sit on the edge of the bed. “I’ve been thinking about that…”

He sat down next to her. “So have I, love. So have I.”

“Look, obviously we both want to do this and it makes sense – at least for people like us.” Emma said, matter-of-factly.

“You have my full attention.” Hook crossed a booted foot over his knee, setting his elbow on his leg and cupping his chin in his hand.

Emma shot him a dirty look, then stood and started pacing.

“Here’s the deal. We have something here in this realm that sort of solves the problem for us both.”

“Problem? There’s no problem here, love.”

She stopped, facing him. “You’re used to being alone. I get that. It works for you on some level. Well, it works for me to, but it leaves one big problem for both of us – we still have physical needs.”

Hook looked down, examining his cuticles. “Do go on.”

“So why not take care of that for each other? We call it “Friends with Benefits.”

Hook looked up from the piece of lint he was picking off his cuff. His face was impassive.

“Friends. With benefits.”

“Yeah. If we’re both free and both…well, if we both want to, we just do it. No strings attached.”

He sat back, studying her. “And what if you or I want to have ‘benefits’ with someone else at the same time?”

Emma swallowed hard. “No strings attached. And that brings me to my next point.”

“But I’m not done with this one.” Hook stood, walking slowly over to her. “So if you want to warm some other bed and then roll out of it unsatisfied some night, I can expect a visit? Is that the gist of it?”

“No! God, it sounds awful when you put it like that.”

He kept advancing, until she was backed into the edge of the table. “I just want to know if I’m on a rotating roster.”

“You’re a fine one to talk, Mr. shopping-basket-full-of-condoms.” Emma frowned at him. “Which, by the way, we didn’t use last night, and that’s my second point.”

“Don’t really need them, love.”

“So you don’t care if you get someone pregnant? Is that what you’re saying?”

“That can’t happen.” He reassured her. “I bought a spell years ago that takes care of that. No one can carry my child unless I want them to.”

“Which probably worked fine back in the other realm, but here, magic is tricky. I wouldn’t be counting on that.”

Hook grasped her arm tightly. “Emma – are you saying that you could be – ”

“What?” She looked down at his hand on her arm, because the look on his face did something to her insides. “No! No, it’s fine – I’ve had the Depo shot.”

He gave her a questioning look. “It’s science,” she explained. “Medicine. It keeps you from getting pregnant. I learned my life lesson on unplanned pregnancy early on.”

Hook nodded, stroking his hand up and down her arm, but he still didn’t speak for a moment. Finally, he said, “Well if I can’t get you with child, then why are you worried about condoms?”

Emma gave him a look. “Because they prevent disease, and from the look of that basket, I’m going to need to make sure you’re protected.”

Hook made a horrified face. “Disease? Of the – of that?”

Emma nodded. “It’s a very real possibility here, though maybe not in Storybrooke, since everyone’s from somewhere else. They don’t have those kinds of diseases…over there?”

“Gods, no!”

“Then I guess you’re safe, as long as you stay in Storybrooke.” Emma looked at him curiously. “So if you aren’t worried about pregnancy or disease, why the condoms?”

Hook gave a low chuckle. “I did it for fun. I was watching you for a while before I walked over. The look on your face when you saw the basket was priceless.”

“Pretty juvenile, but you got me.” Emma gave him a smile while she rolled her eyes. “So…friends with benefits?”

Hook turned around, settling his hip against the table and folding his arms. “And have you offered Neal this arrangement?”

“No. I can’t do that. It would mean something entirely different to him.”

Hook looked down at the floor, then peered up at her through his lashes. “And what makes you think that it doesn’t mean more to me, love? I believe I made my intentions quite clear back in Neverland.”

Emma looked taken aback. “But that was…there. Things are settled now. You can go back to being a pirate. You don’t owe me anything.”

“Don’t I?”

“And what does that mean?”

Hook had no answer for her. He just kept looking at her until it got uncomfortable.

“Listen, Hook, if you can’t do this without making it more, tell me now. I’m not stringing anybody along here. I just thought we could – I don’t know – take care of each other.”

He let out a gust of air.

“What?” Emma said, her eyes narrowing.

He reached out, taking a lock of her hair and curling it around his finger. “Nothing, love. I just think you really don’t know how to let someone take care of you, as it’s truly defined.” He pushed himself up to his feet. “Very well, I accept your offer.”

“Hook – ”

“We’re done talking, Swan. Just say yes.”

“Ye-” She didn’t have time to finish the word before Hook tugged her into his arms and his mouth found hers, sealing the deal.

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