FanFic Friday! In Honor Of Ginny Goodwin’s Birthday – Here’s One Of My Favorite #FanFic Chapters!


Happy Birthday, Ginny Goodwin!

As you know, when I write Once Upon A Time FanFics, they tend to be Captain Swan centered, but I always make a point to feature the other characters of Storybrooke where I can. In The Big Moment from my series of one-off Fanfics “Captain’s Choice,” built around the canon of my Memory Keeper Series. In this chapter, Hook and Emma’s daughter Meriel is grown and expecting, and we see how hilariously hard it is for Snow to keep a secret.

I love writing for these characters, and that’s due in part to the excellent casting choices in this show. Ginny Goodwin is an exemplary Snow White, and I just cannot imagine anyone else who could rock the role like she does.

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