My Great Big List Of Writing Resources #amwriting #writingtips #writing


From time to time I clean out my bookmark file and go back through some of the writing resources that I’ve found particularly helpful. I’m going to share these today and maybe you’ll find some use for them, too.

I’ll start with this marvelous item I found in the writing community on Reddit – It’s a list of current writing deadlines for various publications. Special thanks to redditor u/motopoeta, who got these originally from the monthly email that’s sent out at Literistic. If you want to see this on a monthly basis, go to Literistic and subscribe!

Ray Bradbury (one of my all-time favorite authors) on how list making can improve your creativity.

5 Ways To Stretch Your Word Count

The Free Visual Online Dictionary – for when you need to find the right word.

A Simple Novel Outline – 9 Questions for 25 Chapters

The Snowflake Method for Designing A Novel

And for those of you not yet published: 10 Ways Pre-Published Writers Can Start Establishing Their Careers Now

If you think you need to fine-tune your craft (and who doesn’t?) FutureLearn has a FREE online course for writing fiction.

Three Free Apps for Making An Impressive Book Trailer

Building An Author Audience

How to Write A Press Release For Authors

And if you’re looking to socialize and rub elbows with some influential agents and editors, here’s a list of Writer’s Conferences you may be interested in.

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