Working Hard On HARD LABOR #amwriting #erotica #eroticromance


I’m technically on vacation this week, but with a writer that’s not really much of a thing. If anything, it gives me more time to write. Today, I’m putting together my latest novella, Hard Labor. Would you like a little tease?

Lexa Bradley got the beach house when she and her husband split. The problem is, the thing needs a lot of work done. She hires a contractor that can give her what she needs – in more ways than one…

She glanced up as a shadow fell across the paper in her hand.

All she saw was his outline at first – the sun was directly behind him – and that alone was enough to give her pause.

Holy hell, those shoulders.

He wore a dark blue tee-shirt that clung to every bulge and ripple beneath it, and there were plenty. He was tall – a few inches over six foot, and his hair was short, with a slight tousle that fell over his forehead.

“Mrs. Donatelli?” he asked. She couldn’t make out his facial features with the glare behind him, so she brought a hand up to shade her eyes.

“It’s Miss Bradley,” she said. “I haven’t been Mrs. Donatelli for nearly a month now.”

He shifted slightly, as if embarrassed by his faux pas. “Sorry,” he said.

“You must be Jake?”

“That’s right,” he said, tucking his clipboard under one arm and extending a hand. She shook it, and he didn’t let go, tugging it instead until she gained her feet.

“You ready to give me the tour?” he asked.

She turned her head sideways and now without the sun glare she got an eyeful of that face. His eyes were a startling shade of blue, and that lower lip was sinfully full, curving now into a smile as he saw her reaction up close.

She nodded and started forward, but a gusting breeze whipped her long, brown hair into her face. She pushed it aside impatiently, turning to look back at him.

And she caught him staring full-on at her ass. The wind had plastered the skirt of her sundress up against her, hiking it up a bit, showing a good deal of her tightly toned thighs and an ass that only four hours of Bikram yoga every week could build.

“Are you ready to come?” she asked, then realized what she’d said. “Inside, I mean,” she stammered.

“Oh, I think I’m ready for anything you want me for,” he said, smiling widely.

Hard Labor will be out (if all goes as planned) on Monday, June 15th!  Watch here for details!!


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