Coming To Print In July – Eight Nights At Sea! Read An Excerpt!! #amwritingromance #amwritingfantasy

Eight Nights At Sea

Take a lingering look at that cover, because it’s getting a complete re-do. I love the cover, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t really give you a feel for the story. I mean, we’ve got a sassy, smoldering pirate. We’ve got a sensual, secretive stowaway and her fiercely protective brother. We’ve got a magical realm with mermaids and sirens and rival sea captains and evil men who think they run the world.

And oh, what  fun adventure and steamy romance within it all. So I’ve decided to take this one into print next month (and Someday in Dublin should be available in print by next week!) and since I have to commission a print cover anyway, I might as well get something done that really gives you an idea of what you’re about to jump into.

So look for a cover tease here soon!! In the meantime, read an excerpt here and here.

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