Plotting Out The Elemental Novels…Writing An Epic Is Hard Work #amwriting #amwritingromance #amwritingfantasy


So, I’ve been hard at work literally charting and mapping out The Elemental Novels, my next series. Unlike the Seeder Saga, I’m really working hard to be proactive with these plotlines.

With Seeder, it started off as one story that I hadn’t planned to write a sequel to (Sky Woman – which is free on Fridays this month for Kindle…check it out!), and morphed into a trilogy. And believe me, finding little things to tie back to from later books was a serious exercise in creativity.

But it ain’t nothin’ compared to this, honey child.

I started with an Excel spreadsheet with timelines that morphed into a Venn diagram of sorts that became a big flowchart with cross-references and highlighted supernatural abilities (based on their affinities for earth, air, fire and water) as well as critical plot points galore. It’s been crazy! And cool! But mostly crazy so far. It’ll get cooler once I get them all talking to each other. And sexing each other up. You know how I write.

Now I’m ready to pull together the scene pieces and snippets of dialogue I’ve jotted down here and there for book one, and get to fleshing it out. I’m hoping to have this one out by the end of the summer, and book two out by the end of the year (maybe sooner on that one…the guy from book two is seriously haunting my dark and dirty fantasies…).

Watch here for teases as I hash this one out. Like I said…it’s going to be epic.

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