Inspiration Is A Beautiful And Frightening Thing #amwriting #writing


My latest novel series (The Elemental Novels) will begin with the element of Air. This first book actually began as a short horror story I wrote for a writing contest, believe it or not. I wanted to take an element of that story and give the ability to my protagonist, but not to be used in a horrible or horrific way. The problem was, I was having trouble visualizing this girl in my mind (partly because the original bearer of the ability was an older gentleman in my short story), and without knowing my girl, I can’t know the kind of man who would match her.

Then I saw this wonderful short by Disney animator Glen Keane (full-screen it, you’ll be glad you did):

And there’s my couple. She’s light and spritely and seems to move effortlessly on the air. He’s got an adventurous spirit and an endless curiosity and when they first meet, they’re really not sure what to do with each other.

Then her “gift” becomes known and things get even more confusing, particularly when her use of it uncovers a mystery that involves the guy’s family, and so very much more – to be continued in books 2, 3 and 4, of course.

So there’s the mix for my next novel. One part horror story, one part beautiful life-forces and romance, and all about making me crazy for the next couple of months. I hope to have book one out by summer’s end, which is quite possible since this thing is taking over my brain.

Watch here for more details and soon…excerpts!

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