When There Are Too Many Balls In The Air, It’s Time To Grab Your Balls #amwriting #writing

pretty young girl standing and juggling with red balls

Oh, there I go again. So many damn projects. So little damn discipline.

I spent two hours of prime writing time last night perusing Reddit, followed by a half hour of falling down a YouTube hole and then opted to read instead of write before going to bed.  Ugh.

And I have not only the current novel to work on, but a YA novel to rework for a deadline that’s TOMORROW for creep’s sake, and another non-fiction book under another moniker to piece together. Oh, and let’s not forget next week’s blogs (I have two per day on two different platforms to figure out) and 4 freelance articles on top of that.

All around my full-time day job and the rest of my life. So many balls in the air.

Shit. No wonder I’m not dating.

So today’s blog is going to be short because, quite frankly, I have to grab my balls. And I need to stop playing with my balls and get serious about my balls so I can grab life by the balls and grow some balls and get shit done.

I’m sure you understand. When I talk about balls, I mean.

I’ll check in with you tomorrow, hopefully with a keyboard full of balls.

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