Finally! Someday In Dublin Now Available In Print! #romance #romancenovels #goodreads #amreading

Sea landscape with the eye of Ireland in Howth, Ireland.          book


It’s finally done! 

Someday In Dublin is now available in print!! Sorry for the slight delay, but I had to make sure this bugger was perfect, and it is.

So if you’re one of those that likes the feel of a genuine book in your hands, you can now go on an adventure with Michael and Amy without staring at a backlit screen or worrying about your battery running down.

This is the first of my books that I’ve taken to print, and I have to say I am excessively proud of this one. Sometimes, a story just writes itself, and it was that way with Someday In Dublin. They always say “write the book you want to read,” and I have. I’ve reread this one over and over and not just for editing reasons. I love these characters so much. So very much.

I’m betting you will too, so if you haven’t tried it yet, and want a bona fide paper copy, you can order it via CreateSpace today or wait a few days for it to show up on Amazon. Watch here and I’ll flag it for you when it’s live there.


Satisfaction. It’s a good feeling.

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