Sometimes You Fly And Sometimes You Slog Through The Mud #amwriting #writing


Please excuse the tardiness of this post…I was busy writing, you see.

Since Saturday, I have seriously been on a roll. I logged 5300 words this weekend, and another 1200 yesterday. 980 so far for today, and they seem like reasonably good words, too. I mean, all in the right order, somewhat coherent, and telling a story in a descriptive and occasionally dynamic fashion.

At least, it seems this way for now.

I’ll go back once the first draft is done and scratch my head and wonder what the f**k I was thinking, but just now…just now I feel really accomplished.

I know I’ll hit a wall soon (or should I say a block) and I’ll be grinding those words out, pulling them with pliers from my brain and knowing they’re crap even as I fish them out, so when the muse is visiting, you gotta make the most of it.

Back to the story.

And will somebody please tell that other story to leave me alone? I’m working here!

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