Fall In Love With Your Characters…Or No One Else Will #amwriting #writing


Recently, I had to revisit a manuscript that I’d set aside for a while. And that’s a good thing. I haven’t had a reread on this in nearly six months, and seeing it with fresh eyes has made a world of difference. It’s also a really, really good feeling to be falling in love with my hero (and heroine) all over again.

When I first wrote this particular book, I asked my daughter for some feedback on her ideal guy. These protagonists were younger than I usually write, and I thought it might be good to have another perspective.

She detailed out for me how this guy should look, what he wears, how his hair is cut…

She told me what YouTube channels he watched, what his Instagram profile would look like, and which Vines he’d be subscribed to.

So I started writing with all that in mind and….oh, it just didn’t work. I felt nothing for that guy. He did nothing for me. Nada.

So I took parts of all that and put in my own flair and shaped him to fit my girl better (or to rile her up better) and suddenly, he started coming together and I started daydreaming about the guy. Oh, did I ever.

That’s when I know it’s going to work. When I’m daydreaming about him, or him and her together, when I’m seeing their scenes in my head as I drive to the day job or zone out on the couch or laying in bed at night…

Yeah. It’s going to work. Because I can’t make you fall in love with them if I’m not in love with them. And most especially if I’m not in love with the way they’re in love with each other.

Now, if you’ll excuse me….I just met up with an old flame and I’ve got some daydreaming to do.

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