All Right Amazon….You Have My Full Attention

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Last month was the big experiment.

I have been publishing my novels and novellas on both Amazon and Smashwords from the beginning, which of course excluded them from being part of the Amazon Kindle Select program (which demands exclusivity).

In July, Amazon changed its royalty structure (to great public outcry) and I watched the debate on both sides, weighed the pros and cons, and made the decision to take all my full-length novels to the Kindle Select program as an experiment, just to see if it was worth it to me. Smashwords hadn’t been terribly lucrative for me (despite its feedout to iTunes and B&N) and many authors said that the royalties they were getting off KDP were some of the most lucrative parts of their Amazon sales.

So the figures are in for July, and….yeah. Amazon is unfortunately the place to be for me.

I say unfortunately because I really do have the exclusivity clause in the Kindle Select Program. I’d like to offer my books via the other platforms, but writing is more than just a passion for me, it’s also a business. This is good business, from my end. And not just by a little – we’re talking by a huge margin. Huge.

So Amazon has my by my proverbial writer balls for now. Sorry Nook users. You’ll have to find another way to read me (and there are other ways – Kindle has converter programs, Google them!). It’s nothing personal folks, just business.

And now back to editing Windsinger, which will also become a part of the Kindle Select Program.

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