And Because I Don’t Have Enough On My Plate…Now I’m Collaborating On A Screenplay

Someday in Dublin

So I’m putting the final, finishing touches on “Windsinger” (cover reveal coming soon!) and I have a big, huge, I MEAN ABSOLUTELY HUGE project that I’m working under an alternate pen name, and I have freelance articles to write, and three more parts of the Elemental Destiny Series to plan…and now we’ll just add a screenplay for the hell of it.

What am I smoking?

Nuts. This is absolutely nuts. But I love this book and I filmed it in my mind every second that I wrote it and I mailed it off to an old college chum who happens to be a screenwriter to get her thoughts and now I’m collaborating with a screenwriter who thinks this book has great chops and good potential.

We’ll be working that in the fall, if I haven’t completely lost all touch with reality before then. I’ll keep you posted.

Nuts. I am freaking nuts.

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