WINDSINGER Launches Tomorrow! By Request: Author Q & A!!

Several of you have reached out either by email, DM or comments on fics and posts to ask me about Windsinger (and the rest of the series), so here ya go!!

Q: Where did you get the idea for Windsinger?

A: This actually came from a short story I wrote a few years back. I was in a writing contest and I really wanted to push my boundaries. I decided to write a short horror piece just to see if I could. In the story, the main character had much the same gift as Cecy (I’m not giving it away) but he didn’t use it as altruistically. He was a selfish, creepy old guy. Anyway, I thought it was a great premise for a novel – this ability, and since this involved air specifically, I started thinking about all the basic elements. And then I wondered how “singers” would present themselves in each of the elements.

Q: Are you introducing all the characters from the series in this book?

A: Almost! Unlike the Seeder Saga (where the only constant character in all three books was Indar, the star of book 3), I want you to really get to know these characters. In Windsinger, you’ll meet almost everyone you’ll be reading about in one way or another. I’ve only left one completely out and that’s because it’s going to be WHOA when he shows up.

Q: Who did you see when you were writing Brad and Cecy?

A: I really hesitate to reveal my casting when I talk about a book. Of course I do it – it helps me stay true to character and the way they’d talk or move or behave – but what if I pick somebody you can’t stand? And when you read, your mind picked somebody else that really worked for you? I don’t want to wreck that for a reader. But I will say that Cecy has more than a bit of the spirit of a grown-up Luna Lovegood. She’s not as spacey, but very ethereal and much sharper than people give her credit for being. Brad is a nerd guy, but don’t let the sensors and spreadsheets fool you! He spends a lot of time out in the field and he’s usually climbing rocks and hiking all over the place. I modeled him after Jesse Williams’ character from “The Cabin in the Woods” (he was Holden, “The Scholar”, if you saw the movie) – sexy and a bit quiet but with a wry sense of humor.

Q: What was the most challenging thing about the book?

A: Plotting everything out! This entire series is epic, and involves a lot of research into not just the science of global change but also native folklore (because we’re dealing with immortals who’ve been recorded in various places in history). I also need to set the stage of events so that everything winds up where it should be in book four. I literally have a timeline spreadsheet, a file of folklore and myths, a file of scientific data I’ve collected, and a very intricate outline for each book and the entire series arc.

Q: Who’s next and when do we get it?

A: The next book will be Seasinger – and you can expect that in January of 2016, if everything goes as planned. I had originally planned a December release, but due to some wonderful unforseen circumstances, I’ve had to push back a bit to cover the other deliverable. I promise – it’ll be worth the wait. You’ll meet Kai (the main man in book 2) in Windsinger, and he does not disappoint!

Windsinger breaks TOMORROW!!  Pre-order now!

Windsinger Cov

Meet the Elementals – a magical race that inhabits our world imbodying the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. Cecy is a “Twixter,” the half-human offspring of an air elemental, who doesn’t always fit in with the rest of our world.

In addition to her magical heritage, Cecy bears another gift, one which will lead her to Brad, a scientist who is studying a very strange phenomenon – one that might signal a far deeper problem and a danger to life as we know it.

Together, they stumble upon a mystery that affects them both, and discover that playing it safe means nothing when love and desire are in the air.

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