Windsinger CovWindsinger is LIVE!! Grab your copy today!

This is the first book I’ve launched simultaneously in both print and eBook, and for some reason Amazon hasn’t linked the two yet when you pull up the book’s information page. Until then, you can order the print version direct from Amazon Createspace (they’ll have your Amazon billing info) right here.

And this is now where your greatly chagrined writer (who has done paid professional editing and is a total grammar nazi) begs your undeserved forgiveness for the giant, glaring typo in the second chapter. I caught it last night reviewing the first 10% online, and had a severe apoplectic attack.

I have no idea where that typo came from. I proofread my book endless times, and even had beta readers – somehow we all missed it. Dammit.

So I’ve corrected it now but it’ll be a few days before Amazon has the corrected version to download. My apologies again. I am really, really embarrassed.

All that aside though – this is one slamming good book that sets the scene for an epic series. I know you’re going to love Brad and Cecy, and I know you’re going to come out of this book salivating for book two.

The Elemental Destinies is going to be one tremendous wild ride, and I’m so glad to take you all with me!!

One comment on “WINDSINGER IS OUT!

  1. I feel your pain. My editor and I both proofread my new book several times. I was pretty confident it was perfect. Then KDP caught a typo when I uploaded it. And when I was fixing that, I caught another typo! Anyway, congratulations!

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