Bookus Interruptus: The Art Of Balancing Your Invading Ideas #Mondayblogs #amwriting

I’ve got a lot on my plate right now.

In addition to a tradtionally published book that I’m knee-deep in edits for, I have a self-pub’d series that I just released book one for and I really need to flesh out an outline for book two.

Then there’s another book behind the one I got the contract for that my editors are going to be wanting some direction on. Then, into all this madness strolls another idea.

And damn, but it’s a good one. I can feel my brain longing to follow this idea down a dark, alley, willing to see where it’s going to lead us. My breath coming in little pants of excitement as I wonder if this one is going to terrify me, or excite me, or leave me feeling hollow inside.

My logical brain, however, tells me that now is not the time to be writing endlessly on the book that I’m not being paid to write, much less the book that isn’t the next one in the series that I just started. I need to prioritize and finish, but I can’t let this slip away, either.

So I jot it down. A rough plot, a few character outlines, some snippets of dialogue. And I name the folder with a working title (which is usually the final title because for some reason I’m absurdly good at titles) and I put it to rest for a little while – sort of in cryogenic suspension – until such time as I can take it up again. Sometimes, a stray thought or a cool piece of research on something else will present itself and be perfect for that book, and I’ll delve into that folder again and fight myself again to keep from wandering down a moonlit path, chasing that glowing blue idea as it bobs on the breeze.

Just you wait… it whispers.

I know this one is going to break my heart.

And I love it already.

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