Music To My Ears: “My Hairdresser Reads All Your Stuff!” #amwriting #romance

I was chatting with an old friend from high school over the weekend, and she mentioned that she just bought a copy of Windsinger and couldn’t wait to read it. I thanked her, of course, and she dropped another bit of happy into my lap:

“My hairdresser reads all your stuff!” she said. Apparently, she’d mentioned to the girl that I write romance (among other things) and the girl looked me up, and has bought everything I’ve ever written. She especially loved The Seeder Saga and was eagerly awaiting the first book of the Elemental Destinies.

So there you have it. A hairdresser in a very small town in the desert southwest reads me. And I couldn’t be happier.

Readers, I love you. I don’t remember to say that often enough, but really, I do. It’s not really about the money – because, let’s face it, I’m self-pubbed and while I do all right, I’m not laying around on my yacht eating caviar as I tap away at my keyboard, here.

The fact is, I write stories I love, and it’s just so incredibly validating when one of you loves them, too. So thank you. Really. From the bottom of my hopeless romantic heart.

Thank you for reading, thank you for buying, thank you for believing in me.

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