Don’t Forget My Windsinger Giveaway – And Here’s Another Excerpt! #romance #goodreads

Windsinger is the first book of my Elemental Destinies series, and the introduction of the Twixters, half-human, half-elemental and entirely unique. In this excerpt, Cecy and Sami (who are both half air elemental) are discussing Cecy’s wild night.

“So I hear he showed up at the meteor shower.” Sami looked over her ice cream cone at Cecy.
“Who told you that?”
“Well, did he?”
“Hmmm,” Cecy said again, trying to be nonchalant but failing miserably. “What flavor did you call this again?”
“Oh no, you’re not changing the subject. What happened next?”
Sami lowered her cone, clearly expecting to get the full story. Cecy took a studious lick of her ice cream, and then another.
“Is this because I’m a newling?” Sami protested. “I’m not that young.”
Cecy took another lick of her ice cream, shifting her eyes toward Sami, then back to the ice cream again.
“He found me in the desert,” she finally admitted.
Cecy smiled a secretive smile and Sami rolled her eyes.
“Okay, okay…I don’t need all the details. Just tell me if he made it worth your while.”
Cecy’s smile got wider. “Oh, yes.”
“I wish I could have seen their faces. Was Kaze anywhere around?”
Cecy’s look became shuttered. “He was.”
Sami turned to her, the ice cream in her hand all but forgotten. “Did they fight?”
“No. Brad had other…plans.”
“I can’t believe Kaze let that go,” Sami said. She turned back to her ice cream. “That’s butter pecan, by the way.”
“It’s good.” Cecy took another lick. “I haven’t had much ice cream.”
“I keep forgetting you weren’t a normal kid,” Sami said.
“Neither are you.”
“But at least I was raised as one.”
“My mother did her best after my father died,” Cecy said. “But she doesn’t spend much time with humans.”
“Well, if you hadn’t come into the library that day, I never would have known what I was.”
“Someone would have surely found you by your four-and-four,” Cecy pointed out. “I find it hard to believe your mother didn’t realize she’d been with an Original.”
Sami shrugged. “She partied a lot in her younger days. I was the result of a one night stand – she never did get the guy’s name but she told me he was freaky.”
“I wish I could help you find the answer,” Cecy said, reaching out to squeeze her friend’s hand. “Originals often dally with humankind. It’s just very rare that a child is born of it.”
“Yeah, I figured that one out.”
“When it does, we feel that it must have been meant to happen. Never forget that, Sami.”

A prophetic statement – that will be called back to at a later time in the series. Only one of the many magical details that make up the series. Windsinger is available at in print and eBook for Kindle. Don’t forget to enter the giveaway at Goodreads for a chance to win a free copy!

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