What’s On The Horizon? Pirates Ahoy!

You read that correctly!

Once I’ve finished the Elemental Series, I’m heading back to the wide-open seas and giving you something that numerous readers have reached out to beg me for:

Aven’s story!

Many of you fell in love with Rina’s twin brother in Eight Nights At Sea – which is amazing considering he went through the entire book without speaking a word. Well, I’ve finally decided to give Aven his voice, and that’ll be happening sometime in 2016.

And since I just love a good series….you’ll be meeting another character in Aven’s story who will go on to complete the trilogy, thereby creating a full-on pirate series. I am so eager to write this thing, I’ve already started putting pieces of scenes and bits of dialogue in a folder because I can’t seem to stay away from it.

So stay tuned…there are pirates on the horizon!

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