FanFic Friday:

In my latest fanfic, “Twice Upon A Dream,” we see Killian, Emma, Regina, Robin, Snow, David and Henry all thrown into the dreamscape (this is a sequel to my earlier fic, “These Dreams” where we see a Captain Swan adventure in dreamland), and trying desperately to get themselves out.

They each need to find something (or things) associated with the number seven in order to counteract the curse that put them there, all while navigating through their own dreams, each other’s dreams, and the dreams of everyone in Storybrooke. It makes for one wild and exciting ride where anything can happen.

In this scene, Killian finds himself in his own past, and we get a cameo at the end from a character that lit up the screen…

“Does this look familiar to you?” Emma asked, staring down at herself in dismay.

“Vaguely.” He glanced around. “We seem to be in a manor house of some sort, and from the look of your corset, I’d say we’re in the Enchanted Forest. We just need to figure out exactly where…and when.”

He twined his fingers with her, pulling her along through a doorway, only to run smack into a woman who was coming through the doorway at the same time. She staggered back a few steps in surprise and Killian let go of Emma’s hand to reach out and steady her.

“Killian!” she exclaimed, and her face broke into a smile. “I didn’t realize you were in port! But what are you thinking, coming here? He’s sure to see you.”

Killian froze a moment, then he rubbed his ear uncomfortably. “Hello, Adelaide.

“Alannis,” she corrected, and her eyes narrowed, leveling on Emma.

“Who’s this?”

Emma backed up, raising her hands. “I’m nobody. I’ll just…wait outside.”


“Killian.” Alannis was clearly not happy with this scenario. “After all this time, you finally pay me a visit and you have the gall -”

“Now, Alannis,” he said, pasting on a charming grin. “You know I hold you in the highest regard -”

Emma made a snorting sound behind him and his smile faltered, but he kept going. “I hold you in the highest regard and of course, I had to see you. And now I have and it’s time for me to find my ship. So if you’d be good enough to direct me back to the dock -”


A thundering voice came from the doorway at the other end of the room, and they all turned to look.

“Bloody hell,” Emma said under her breath, stealing the words from Killian’s lips. The man in the other doorway was so big, he had to duck to get in. His shoulders were so massive, he had to turn sideways to do it, as well. Every inch of him seemed to be covered in hair, and now…now he wasgrowling.

“I knew you’d come back,” the man seethed. “You won’t seduce my wife – or any man’s wife – ever again!” He started toward Killian, who was back toward the open doorway, shooting a mildly panicked glance in Emma’s direction.

Alannis only wanted to know one thing. “Who’s she?” she asked again, pointing at Emma.

“Another pretty piece, no doubt.” the man sneered.

“Hey!” Emma took immediate offense. “The name is Emma.”

“Emma,” the man mocked. “Surely a high-born lady he found on a dock somewhere. Does he think to play with you both?”

“You keep your slanderous tongue off her name, ” Killian said, his face darkening. He brought his hook up. “I have no current quarrel with you. We happened upon your manor in error, and we’ll be going now.”

“You’re not going anywhere,” the man said, crossing his massive arms across his barrel of a chest. “Fetch my sword, Alannis.”

She hurried off and Killian called after her, “Alannis! Don’t be that way!”

Emma elbowed him in the side. “Watch it,” she said.

“Look,” Killian said, “What we have here is a misunderstanding. I’d be happy to explain-”

“Fight me, you bastard pirate!”

“Hey!” Emma stepped forward. “You don’t get to call him names, either.”

“You’ll scurry back to the wharf with the other whores if you know what’s good for you,” the man said. “This is between the scurvy pirate and me.”

“I happen to have excellent hygiene!” Killian protested. “And I’m not going to fight you, mate. Alannis is your woman.”

“Damn right she is!” the man affirmed. “But this isn’t just about her and you know it. There’s a matter of a missing silver chalice to discuss.”

“Ah,” Killian said with dawning recognition. “That Alannis.”

Emma’s jaw dropped. “How many were there?”

“Two…perhaps three. It was a long time ago,” he said, trying to shrug it off with a smile. “All well past, love.”

She gave him a look and he rubbed his ear again. “And as for the chalice…well, I’m afraid I have no idea where it is.”

“Excuse me!” A voice came from the doorway. “Sorry to interrupt – I have the wool for the spinners.”

“Set it down over there,” the big man gestured. “And see the steward for your pay.”

“Thank you.”

“Now, then,” the big man said, gesturing again to someone behind Killian. “Let’s see how you like being locked away until the magistrate can deal with you.”

Alannis stepped forward, handing the man his sword, which he pointed at Killian’s throat. Killian backed up, raising a hand. “Let’s not be hasty, here…” he said.

“No, you should go with him,” Emma said firmly. “You’ve led a life of crime, and it’s time you faced justice.”

Killian’s head whipped around to look at her, and he raised an incredulous brow. “What?

“You heard me,” she said. “Let them lock you up, repent your wicked ways and maybe somebody might just come along with a key.” She held his eyes meaninfully, but he still wasn’t getting it. Not until she slid her eyes sideways, and he couldn’t help the startled laugh that broke from his lips.

David stood in the corner, unloading a sack of wool, whistling as he worked, with his long, flowing golden locks falling around his face.

“Move!” the big man barked. “I’ll lock you in smokehouse until the magistrate can send the jailer for you.”

“Behave yourself,” Emma said in a low voice as Killian started to move, with the fair Alannis not far behind.

He gave her a long-suffering look over his shoulder, and she turned back toward David.

“Time to talk to my hippie father,” she said.

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