Fanfiction Friday: Killian And Emma Share A Dance


My Once Upon A Time Fanfic, The Memory Keeper was written during the Mid-Season 3 hiatus, and begins after Killian surprises Emma at her apartment and she slams the door in his face, having no memory of who he is.

I take the story from there, and weave in my own take on the wicked witch. But first…Killian has to win Emma over, and he does it with every weapon in his arsenal. Here they are at a charity ball run by Emma’s foundation, the aptly named “Happily Ever Afters” – an organization that promotes adoption of older children in the foster system.

Mike began to sing along with the song, very off-key and right in her ear. Emma winced, leaning her head away, just as his big, clammy hand settled on her ass.

“Stop.” She moved it back up, and he promptly slid it down again. “Mike. Stop. Now.” She gave him a warning look, and his hand was starting to move again when someone tapped his shoulder.

“Apologies, mate, but one of the valets asked me to come and find you. It appears that someone has vandalized your vehicle.”

Mike let out a roar, charging for the door and out into the parking lot. Emma turned to Hook, her eyes questioning.

“Really? Did somebody do something to his car?”

“So I’ve been led to believe. And what a fortuitous circumstance for us because -” He reached down, taking her hand. “You owe me a dance.”

His hand clasped hers, and his arm went around her, pulling her into him. He moved them slowly around the floor in time with the music and with a grace and fluidity she would never have suspected he had. Or she had. Dammit, he was right. He was making her look good.

“Thanks,” she said, looking up at him.

“Always happy to rescue a princess in distress.”

“He’s had a little too much to drink.”

Hook managed to stifle his grin, but just barely.

He held up his hook. “Well, at least if I try to grab your arse, you’ll know it instantly.”

Emma laughed out loud. She couldn’t help it.

“Just a little prosthetic humor. I’ve found it to be an excellent ice-breaker.”

“Hmmm.” Emma stopped talking for a few minutes, and so did he. She was being danced with such expertise, she almost felt like she was floating, and all while his hand stayed clasped to hers and his arm was warm at her back and his gorgeous chest was rubbing against her.

“Is it warm in here?” she asked. “I might need to go talk to someone from the hotel about the thermostat setting.”

His eyes were bright as they shifted to hers. “Later, love. We’re dancing, remember?”

The music had started dying down, only to move into another slow song. Emma was too busy staring at Hook’s chest to see the slight nod of thanks that he gave the DJ.

“So tell me, Mr. Jones -”

“Please. After all I’ve put you through, you can call me Killian.”

“Killian.” Her eyes met his, just as she said his name, and something in his gaze completely derailed her train of thought.

“You were saying, Miss Swan?”

“You can call me Emma.”

“Emma.” He said her name like a caress, and she had that weird moment of deja vu again.

“You were saying…?” he continued.

“Yeah. I just – I wanted to thank you again for that donation. That was a lot of money.”


“Six thousand dollars isn’t a lot of money to you?” She was astonished. This guy was acting like it was pocket change.

“Yes, well, I’ve recently come into a rather large family inheritance, hence the travel. I’m seeing the world, as it were. Once I saw what you were doing here, it only seemed right to help that along somehow.”

“You cannot be for real.” Emma mumbled under her breath, still acutely conscious of how he was moving with her. And against her.


The music was winding down, but Hook didn’t let her go.

“I was just saying that I have to go. That was the last dance and I have to go give the “Thanks and get out of here” speech.”

He leaned in, and his cheek brushed hers as he asked low and in her ear: “What are you doing after this?”

Emma pulled back with a start, and he reluctantly let her go. “I’ll be here for a few hours, at least. We have to clean up or the hotel charges us a three hundred dollar fee.” She turned to go, but stopped to call over her shoulder, “Thanks for coming,” before she headed up to the podium at the front of the room.

She grabbed the microphone, thanking everyone for a great turnout, and then read the dollar amount they’d raised. “We beat last year’s goal by over four thousand dollars!” She said with a wide grin. Her eyes automatically found Hook in the crowd before she caught herself and continued. “And we look forward to seeing all of you at next month’s chili cookoff. Thanks again and everyone have a safe trip home!

Emma stepped away from the podium, and into the crowd, saying her goodbye’s and ushering people toward the door when the sound of a microphone being turned on again came over the sound system.

“Attention everyone!” Hook’s voice called out. “Miss Swan has thrown us a lovely party, but needs some help packing it all up and making the hall presentable again.” He looked out at the assembled soldiers and other attendees. “Who’s with me in lending her a hand?” He held up his hook. “Or even two, if you have them?” The crowd laughed and people began good-naturedly grabbing chairs and stacking them, taking down decorations and clearing trash off of tables.

Emma wandered up to the podium, shaking her head at Hook.

“Prosthetic humor?”

“Works every time, love.” He smiled at her.

“Thanks.” She smiled in return, and as she stepped back, her heel came down on a trailing tissue paper streamer. She started to slip, and grabbed him in reflex, her fingers closing around the lapels of his leather coat. He reached out for her in reaction, sliding an arm behind her as his other hand closed around the back of her head.

Emma froze for an endless moment. She had his lapels in her fists, and his mouth was grazing hers so closely she could feel his breath against her lips. Her eyes slid closed and she felt the deja vu again, so strong it was almost like she was in someone else’s body.

She pulled away from him, and her startled eyes flew to his.

“They can use some help over there,” she said, in a daze. “Folding up the tables.”

Hook’s eyes were still looking at her mouth, and he raised them slowly to meet hers before he answered her.

“As you wish.”

You can read the whole story (and its two sequels!) over at or Archive of Our Own (AO3).


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