Time For A Tease…


Trust me, ladies, when those aqua-blue eyes are holding yours, you’re going to feel like you’re in the center of an active whirlpool…

Meet Kai.

Of  course, if you’ve read Windsinger, the first book of The Elemental Destinies, you’ve already met Kai. And you know what a rippling, overpowering, majestic-as-f**k sort of a man he is.

He’s got to find the demure and usually off-the-radar Shira Wen, and deliver a message. What he doesn’t realize is that Shira is surrounded by a rock wall hiding a mystery that will affect us all.

And just like the water wears away at the rock, Kai has his work cut out for him. He’s never met anyone like Shira before.

You know what they say…it’s always the quiet ones that surprise you….

Seasinger will be out near the end of January/early February, but the cover art is done. That glimpse above is just a splash. Wait till the wave rolls you over – you’ll have a hard time catching your breath.


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