My Year In Review – And A Look At What’s Ahead!


Wow! It’s been one helluva year.

I started self-publishing my  romance novels via Amazon in December of 2014, putting out the first two Sci Fi romances I’d written in the same month, Sky Woman and Rain In The Moonlight (Books 1 & 2 of the Seeder Saga). I originally put them out on Smashwords, then tried Amazon, expecting that Amazon would email me every time someone purchased a book, like Smashwords did.

They didn’t.

Consequently, I thought my books weren’t selling. I reasoned that my readers probably only came from my fanfic following, and they’d already purchased through Smashwords, so that was that.

I finally figured out how to use the reports function on Amazon in January of this year and found to my delighted surprise that I’d sold books. A lot of books! (Well, a lot to me, anyway…). I also had some good reviews, and some solid ratings on Goodreads.

So I persevered. I wrote my swashbuckling, steamy adventure, Eight Nights At Sea (which is a re-tooling of a fanfic), then finished out the Seeder Saga trilogy with Changeling. I tried something a little different for my next book, leaving Sci-Fi and magic behind and going contemporary with Someday In Dublin. I’ll tell you – 0f all my books, that was the one that wouldn’t let me go until I finished it. I still love that story to death. I’m also presently working on turning it into a screenplay – yikes!

Then came Windsinger, the start of my new Elemental Destinies series, and soooo much fun to write. The scope of this series is epic, and required a lot of research and timeline charting, but it will be worth it all by the time book four finishes the series later this year.

Finally, I ended the year by releasing the Seeder Trilogy as a set (complete with bonus novella set in the same universe). In between all that, I wrote five novellas, two complete multi-chapter fanfics, blogged on four platforms, and somehow, against all odds and without completely losing my everloving mind, I landed a publishing contract with a “big 5” publisher, got a literary agent, and I’m knee deep in edits on my YA novel, to be mass-published (under my alternate pen name) in February of 2017.


So. What’s up for this year?

For those of you who’ve followed my romance work exclusively, it may seem like I’m slowing down a bit. The truth is, the YA book is a big, big deal and I have to give it priority, along with the next YA after it (which is also a big deal but I can’t go publicly into detail about it yet). I will be finishing the Elemental Series, with Seasinger on its way at the end of January (hopefully – may be early Feb) and Earthsinger and Firesinger launching sometime in late spring and late summer, respectively.

I hope to move on to a sequel to Eight Nights At Sea, giving you Aven’s story, as has been repeatedly requested. I also plan to introduce a new character in that story that will spin off to a pirate story of her own in that magical realm, thereby making the books into a series. No timeline for those – it’s all going to depend on how everything else falls into place. I tentatively hope for year’s end on them, but I reserve the right to push that if I have to.

I also hope (I know, this is nuts) to give you a few more novellas as the mood strikes. And you know me, I love to be in that kind of a mood.

So where am I cutting back?

Fanfic. I simply can’t take on another big one. I’m finishing a smaller one during hiatus, and I think that’s where you’ll find my fics after that – strictly during hiatus. I’ll still keep up with recap blog and throw the occasional fun post there as well, but my days as a constant fanfic writer are going to have to wane for a while. Sorry.

And that, folks, is the state of the Me. Nuts. Completely and utterly babbling mad to even think to take this all on.

Strap in, will you? It’s going to be one hell of a ride.

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