SEASINGER Is Nearly Here! Lets Talk Characters!


SEASINGER is breaking soon, and I thought you might like to get to know our characters a little.

Kai Vand is our main guy, and a very wealthy man. He’s the offspring of a powerful water Elemental and a human, which makes him a “Twixter” – and gives him power to manipulate water. He’s got an extra gift that sets him apart even from his own kind – he’s a seasinger (you’ll learn all about that in the book), and his gift leads him right to Shira.

Shira Wen is grad student, studying anthropology like her father before her. She’s spent years trying to repair the damage he did to his name with some of his more spurious research, and she’s spent years trying to forget a chilling encounter that was tied to her father’s unexplained disappearance.

After a first meeting that ends up being a debacle, Kai strides back into her life, taking charge when it becomes clear that Shira has become a target. They find themselves sucked into a mystery that began with a Windsinger, and may very well carry them to the end of the world – and into each other’s arms.

SEASINGER is breaking SOON! Stay tuned for info on pre-orders and the official release date!

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