A Short Guide To Elemental Sex

Black and white abstract fashion portrait of young beautiful pai

One of the more interesting parts of writing The Elemental Destinies (apart from the research) has been the carefully chosen words I use in the sexier scenes.

We’re talking about magical people here, who have control over the elements – earth, air, fire, water…and when they come together with a hot-blooded human, oooh baby, it’s electric. But it’s also very unique to each type of elemental.

In Windsinger, I found myself using adjectives like “whirlwinds” of sensation and pleasure “rushing” through veins, “floating” languidly back down in the aftermath…I tried not to overdo it. I didn’t want “wind” words coming into play every single time they touched each other – that would get repetitive and ridiculous pretty fast, but the occasional and judicious use of one really reinforced the magical feel of the series and added and extra layer to their encounters.

Likewise, in Seasinger, we see them swamped by emotions, waves of sensations washing over them, rolling rhythms and the slow ebb of pleasure when it’s over. It’s a real exercise in finding just the words and applying them with care.

My next book (after Seasinger‘s launch) will be Earthsinger, and I’m not sure what I’m going to dig up for that one. Heh. Better grab a thesaurus and get to work.

Seasinger breaks on Friday!!


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