FanFic Is Free – But It Comes At A Price

Smiling woman in bed reading a tablet at night

I am waaaay behind on my fanfic writing.

I’ve been promising a chapter for two weeks now, and worse, it’s the culmination of the fic – double worse, I left the last chapter in a cliffhanger.

I am a bad fanfic author.

And the reason why is I’m also an author who gets paid to write. I’ve got two books I’m working on, both are important, and a full time job, kids and a life.

Not all of that is fitting together so well lately, and something’s got to give, so the fanfic goes begging. I’m not about to stiff my editor for the YA book or the readers of my paid romance work who are waiting on another installment in my current series.

But I do feel bad leaving my fanfic readers high and dry. You’ve all been so good to me, and you essentially gave me the confidence to launch my second career. So tonight, come hell or high water (and through a case of food poisoning…ugh!) I am finishing this thing.

And then I’m taking a break from fanfic for awhile. I’m not taking on anymore obligations until I get on top of this workload a little better. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

We’ll see how it goes….

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