Writing The Perfect Kiss

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I was working on the latest installment of The Elemental Destinies this weekend and oh, am I having fun with this one!

Earthsinger is, of course, Manni’s story (for those of you who’ve read books one and two) and as the book begins, she’s stuck on a long road trip with Matt, who turns out to have just as much spunky attitude as she does. 

These two aren’t going to gently move into each other’s arms. They’re not going to tentatively touch lips the first time, there will be no shy smiles or hesitant glances.

Nope – they slam into each other, rolling right out of an argument and into a ravenous moment where they both lose control. It’s the perfect first kiss for them, and nothing else would have worked with these two. Tenderness will come later. First comes the passion and the self-directed anger for not being able to keep their hands off each other.

I love writing romance. I just love it.


One comment on “Writing The Perfect Kiss

  1. Even as a male romance writer, I can totally relate, Britt. I love writing kiss scenes! They reveal so much about the relationship. Your story sounds awesome, btw. 🙂


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