Finishing Up Earthsinger, But A Pirate Keeps Taking Over My Brain…


I’m working like mad to get a lid on Earthsinger, and I have had so much fun putting Manni and Matt on paper. You’ll also meet the long-awaited Firesinger, and learn the name of our elusive mystery girl.

And while all that’s being put to virtual paper, my mind is bubbling and churning with something I put off for far too long – the sequel to Eight Nights At Sea.

Ever since that started as a fanfic, people have been begging me for Aven’s story. That planted a seed that took root, and we will definitely be sailing back into those waters once the Elemental series is concluded. Aven is five years older now, and those years as first mate on a pirate ship have added some inches, some broad shoulders, a wealth of experience, but still haven’t given him the one thing he (and all the readers who wrote me) long for:

A voice.

So yes, Aven will finally get his voice, but it’s not going to be easy. He’ll need some help along the way, and a magical somebody will fall into his life and set them both on one hell of a quest.

And of course, we’ll catch up with Zephyr and Rina along the way. It’s going to be sooooo good. But I can’t write it right now. Stop it, brain. Let it simmer. It needs to cook for a while…

Back to Earthsinger, where the sparks are really flying!

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