Failure Is Not An Option…Until It Is

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I was all set last week for this to be a countdown post to the launch of Earthsinger – which is set for Monday.

It’s already a month behind schedule due to some mad scrambling on book two of my YA series  (under my alternate moniker). I feel really crappy about that, but the YA books are a major big deal since they’re being traditionally published, so they get priority.

And now I have to push the launch off again. Only two more weeks, but I still feel a thousand kinds of crappy about it. I was in a car accident that set me back physically, financially, and has now totaled my car. Dealing with the aftermath and sorting everything out has really eaten a chunk of my time and brainmatter, and the truth is I just haven’t had time to really chew over my beta readers’ comments and do a little bit of reworking and polishing on the book like I need to.

It’s not major stuff, and I could release the book on Monday as-is and feel pretty good about it. But I’d much rather release later and feel really great about it. More importantly, I’d rather take two extra weeks and give you, my fabulous readers, the best possible book I can give. You deserve it!

So forgive me, readers. Life kicked my ass this last month and there’s no way around that. There are no shortcuts to a good story, either. And I am determined to give you a good, good story. So….

Earthsinger. Friday, August 26th!

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