This Is When You Put On The Big Girl Panties…

Tired executive With Crumpled Paper Balls At Desk

Crunch time.

Life is playing hockey with me right now, and I spent the better part of Labor Day weekend shopping for a car, buying a car, finding a way to pick up my bought car (and return my rental car) which isn’t as easy as you think when you’re a single person with no family anywhere around you.

I also got the notes from my editor on my 2nd YA book – and a deadline for that which only turned the thumbscrews tighter.

Good God. When am I going to have time to do all I need to do in the way of writing?

The answer is an unqualified never. And if I let myself think about it too much, I’ll hyperventilate until my face slams into the keyboard. The only solution is to keep on writing, and make it so.

So here I go. The blog might be a little sparse for a few weeks until I get on top of this stuff. See ya on the flipside.

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