#OnceUponATime #FanFic Friday: Killian The Massage Therapist Is At Your Service


In my Once Upon A Time Fanfic, These Dreams, Emma gets trapped in the dreamscape, falling in and out of the dreams of the residents of Storybrooke, as well as her own dreams, too. Killian goes under a sleeping curse so that he can rescue her, but in every dream scenario, one of them has to be reminded of who they are. In this chapter, Killian finds Emma – and oh, is this unexpected . . .

“Your client is ready in room six,” the young woman said to Killian, sticking her head around the door frame.

Killian took a moment to get his bearings. He gave the girl a nod of acknowledgement, not having the foggiest idea as to what he should be doing with that information. He looked down at his attire for clues, but didn’t get much. He was wearing black jeans and a black tee shirt, with some sort of logo on the front of it over the left breast pocket.

He reached into his pocket, pulling out the compass – which seemed, happily, to travel with him wherever he went – and checked it. The needle directed him down the hallway, right to room six. He grasped the doorknob and stepped inside, closing the door behind him.

He was completely unprepared for the sight that awaited him. A woman lay face-down on a low table, completely unclothed but for a sheet, artfully draped across her shapely bum and nothing else. That was startling enough, but he knew the line of that neck and the set of those shoulders anywhere.


She raised a non-committal hand. “Come on in,” she said, her voice muffled. “I’m ready to go.”

He stepped closer, realizing that her face was pillowed in a u-shaped headrest that allowed her to lay face-down more comfortably.

“What are you doing?” he asked carefully.

“Well, I’m really looking for more of an all-over type massage,” she said. “A little Swedish, maybe some deep tissue around my neck and shoulders – I carry a lot of tension in that area – and then finish off with that reflexology thing on my feet.” She raised her head, turning it to the side to look at him.

“I don’t think I’ve had you before,” she said. “Are you new here?”

“Yes.” He gave her a smile, his eyes moving over her very naked back. “Yes, I am.”

Emma tried very hard not to be mesmerized by that face, but it wasn’t working. “Well, get those hands warmed up and get going – I paid for the hour,” she reminded him, turning her face back down.

He stared at her blankly for a moment before he snapped out of it. He’d better do as she asked. He extended his right hand, but realized a few seconds later that he had a left hand, too. Once again, he stared at it, flexing it.

“Hey, can you use that coconut oil this time?” Emma asked. “It makes me feel like I’m on an island or something.”

Killian swallowed hard. Good God. She wanted him to oil her up. All over her body.

“Of course,” he said, working around the sudden dryness in his mouth. Was she going to turn over when he finished this side? How much was he supposed to rub? He moved over to a small table nearby, locating the bottle of coconut oil and squirting some into his palms, warming it between them. He very, very carefully set his hands in the middle of her back, stroking from her lower back up to her shoulders, spreading the oil over and around, reveling in the feel of having two hands and Emma’s skin beneath them.

He increased the pressure slightly, moving up toward her neck, rubbing it with his thumbs and working his palms over her shoulders and around the shoulder blades, enjoying the feel of her and watching the gooseflesh gather on her skin. He slid his hands down her sides, moving back around to the very edge of the sheet, wondering if he should slip his hands under it to that glorious backside of hers, when she let out a long, low moan.

“Ooooooh. You’re good,” she said. “That…feels…amazing…”

Killian smiled, moving around to the other side of the table with a little difficulty because he was now hard as a rock thanks to that moan and all that exposed skin. His fingers itched to move under that sheet, to move under her and see if he could make her really moan…

Get a grip on yourself, my boy. We have a job to do.

He tried to remind himself of that sternly, but it wasn’t easy.

“So when did you start working here?” Emma said conversationally, punctuating it with a tiny gasp and another moan when he rubbed a circular pattern on her lower back.

Killian decided then and there that this wasn’t a dream world at all. No, this was purgatory. He was paying for every wicked deed he’d ever done because this was surely torture of the highest degree. How could they expect a man to oil up the woman of his dreams, listen to her moaning for it, and not be able to do more than that? Torture. It was bloody torture.

“I’ve only come here recently,” he said, between gritted teeth, moving down to her legs. He stroked her thighs in light, sweeping patterns, wanting more than anything to take his hand higher.

“Oh?” She made another small noise as he slid his hands toward her inner thighs. His breath caught in his throat when she writhed a little, and her breathing seemed to get a little choppy. “Where were you…before…uh…yeah, right there,” she said, nearly driving him out of his mind, “Before this, I mean.”

“I was in Storybrooke before my compass directed me here,” he said, nonchalantly. “It’s a small town, but quite charming.”

“Never heard of it.”

“You’d probably remember it more for. . .”- he struggled, trying to think of something relevant – “Beans. Their beans are quite notorious. Some even call them magic.” He moved down her legs, deciding he couldn’t spend another second on her thighs without going stark, raving mad.

“Do you want me to flip over?” she asked.

Killian’s eyes widened.

“Yes,” he said, somewhat hoarsely. “That would be fine. I’d like that.”

Emma laid there, unmoving. “Are you going to hold the sheet up?” she asked.

Killian reached out, grasping the edge. “Yes, of course. My apologies. . .”

You’ll have to read the story to know how this one fleshes out. These Dreams is available at FanFiction.net and on Archive of Our Own (AO3).

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