New Covers & A New Novella!

That’s right, there’s a new novella breaking next week, the final installment of my Seasons of Love series. BLUSTER is a fun story about an Autumn witch and the disconcertingly handsome warrior brute she hires as her guide through a dangerous land. It’s got snark, it’s got fire lizards (!), and most of all, it’s got heart and plenty of steam.

In addition to BLUSTER, I’m still putting the finishing touches on a new Valentine’s Day romance that you’re going to fall head -over-heels for!

By now you’ve noticed that DREAM CROSSED missed its release date – I was originally shooting for September, but the release of my YA novel (under my alternate nom de plume) sort of ate all my writing time. I was planning on early December, but then a major publishing house decided to have an open call for submissions that I couldn’t ignore. I sent it in and crossed my fingers, and if it gets ignored, I’ll publish it this summer, I promise.

Finally, two of my older holiday novellas have gotten a makeover. When I first published NAUGHTY OR NICE and AULD LANG SIN, I was a newbie author who knew precious little about book publishing or good cover design. They were both long overdue for a glow up. So allow me to present their new (and much hotter) replacements:

Aren’t they gorgeous? Just the thing to spice up the holidays – and all yours for only 99 cents!

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