My 2022 Writing Goals

I can’t believe it’s already a new year! I’ve spent most of this holiday break getting myself organized and setting up my writing and publishing calendar. Here’s what 2022 looks like for me:

  • Draft and publish two full-length romance novels – one contemporary (Coming in Feb!) and one fantasy
  • Publish two novellas – one previously only available in an anthology (I get the rights back this year) and the other a new work.
  • Draft and publish two new short stories for my Free Reads collection
  • Query one project (Dream Crossed) for traditional publication
  • Attend book festivals in PA and NJ (COVID restriction dependent)

Those are just the goals in Romance. I also write Young Adult novels under another pen name, and the plan there is to publish one novel in the fall, draft and query a brand new project, then overhaul, revise and query two other full manuscripts.

Along with that, I plan to survive on two hours of sleep a night and a helluva lot of caffeine. And of course, I’m a writer, so there are sure to be plot twists that shoot those plans straight to hell. We’ll have to see how it goes.

Happy New Year and wish me luck!

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