In Any Reality, They Find Each Other


In my Once Upon A Time Fanfic, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, we delve into part 2 of the Memory Keeper series. I wrote this installment early in Season 3 before the big time-traveling finale – imagine my surprise when they did nearly the same thing with the show!

In this fic, young Meriel Jones is the victim of a wicked Generational Curse, courtesy of a really pissed-off demigod. With the help of Rumplestiltskin and a mysterious companion, she has to travel back in time to the Enchanted Forest, where she has to set things right by making sure her parents meet and fall in love. She meets a very different Emma, whose life has been even rougher because of the aftermath of Meriel’s curse.

In this scene, Killian and Emma have their second meeting, and it doesn’t go so well. . . Continue reading

#OnceUponATime #Fanfic Friday: Killian And Emma Meet Again In “Mr. Jones”


In my latest Once Upon A Time fanfic, Mr. Jones, Killian has been thrown into an unfamiliar world – ours – but without the benefit of his memories. They’re simmering under the surface, but he’s having a devil of a time getting to any of them.

In this scene, he meets his new neighbor – someone who seems to be vaguely familiar. . .

He’d just settled down on the tattered couch with a grilled cheese sandwich and a bowl of tomato soup when he heard the crash. A neighbor’s voice carried through her open window.

“Keep it down out there!” she yelled.

Killian set his dinner on the coffee table and walked to the door, opening it. He stared down the row, first left, then right. A box full of odds and ends – an old lamp, a digital alarm clock, some clothes, a few dishes – was scattered across the balcony walkway, but there was no one in sight. He pulled his door shut behind him and scratched his head as he stared at the mess.

“What the devil?” he muttered, glancing up to see if someone had dropped it off the roof, when suddenly the door open in the neighboring apartment. A woman – a beautiful woman, he silently amended, with the most glorious cloud of blonde hair stepped through, then froze in her tracks, startled, when she saw him.

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#OnceUponATime #FanFic Friday: Killian Faces A Former Flame


My Once Upon A Time Fanfic, Twice Upon A Dream is a sequel to the very popular, These Dreams, and once again we see our heroes stuck in the dreamscape, trying to navigate their way out. This time the whole gang is along, and as they run in and out of each other’s dreams, it can occasionally get a little. . . dicey.

“Does this look familiar to you?” Emma asked, staring down at herself in dismay.

“Vaguely.” He glanced around. “We seem to be in a manor house of some sort, and from the look of your corset, I’d say we’re in the Enchanted Forest. We just need to figure out exactly where…and when.”

He twined his fingers with her, pulling her along through a doorway, only to run smack into a woman who was coming through the doorway at the same time. She staggered back a few steps in surprise and Killian let go of Emma’s hand to reach out and steady her.

“Killian!” she exclaimed, and her face broke into a smile. “I didn’t realize you were in port! But what are you thinking, coming here? He’s sure to see you.”

Killian froze a moment, then he rubbed his ear uncomfortably. “Hello, Adelaide.

“Alannis,” she corrected, and her eyes narrowed, leveling on Emma.

“Who’s this?”

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#OnceUponATime #Fanfic Friday: Killian Throws Down The “R” Word


My Once Upon A Time fic The Memory Keeper, was set smack in the middle of the season 3 hiatus, and therefore has it’s own take on what happened once Killian helped Emma get her memory back – including a very different Wicked Witch.

In this scene, Killian and Emma are hiding out in the cabin of an old friend, trying to stay one step ahead of the witch. This chapter is titled “The Princess and the Pirate,” and features this great soul-searching scene between the two.

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#OnceUponATime #Fanfic Friday: Emma And Hook Get Real


My Once Upon A Time fanfic, You Had Me At Malfeasance is set in Season 3, and it’s a series of one-off scenes that happen around the actual episodes. In this chapter, Princess, Hook (who has recently helped Emma get her memory back) is sharing a late-evening drink with the woman he crossed realms to find again. I’ll let the two of them take it from here….

“You sticking around?” Emma asked, reaching for a wine glass.

“Would you like me to?” he asked.

Emma stared at him for a long, charged minute. Finally, she gave a shrug, grabbed a bottle of wine off the counter and walked into the living room. He followed, leaning against the door jamb.

“I suppose I’ll take that as a ‘maybe.'”

“You can stay if you’d like,” she said. “I’d offer you wine, but it’s not really your kind of drink.” She gestured toward the sideboy. “The whiskey is over there. We’re fresh out of rum. Sorry.”

“Whiskey will do.” He walked over to the sideboy and poured himself a generous portion, bringing the bottle with him. He sat in the chair opposite the couch, and put his booted feet up on the coffee table.

“Don’t let Mary Margaret see you do that,” Emma warned him. “She’ll put an arrow in your ass.” Continue reading

#OnceUponATime #Fanfic Friday: The Tables Are Turned in “Friendly Shores”


In my Once Upon A Time Fanfic, Friendly Shores, Storybrooke and The Enchanted Forest have been flipped upside down and spun to the winds by a curse gone wrong. No one is who they seem and everyone needs to find themselves again. (And please note – I wrote this role-reversal fic over a year before the “Heroes and Villians” finale in Season 4!!)

In this scene, our three princes – Robin, Killian and Archie (along with Archie’s loyal footsoldier, Leroy) have come upon a slaughtered village and its lone survivor…

“Under here!” Killian shouted, gripping the edge of the cart. Robin and Leroy moved to the other side, and together they rocked the cart until it tipped, crashing over to one side and revealing a huddled lump under a cloak. Killian squatted down, reaching out to roll the person carefully over.
“She’s alive!” Robin said, kneeling down next to Killian. Together, they helped the woman sit upright. She squinted in the bright sunlight, putting up a hand to shield her eyes.
“Thank God you’re here,” she said, coughing hard. “Please – do you have water?”
Archie pulled his water skin from his belt, holding it out to her. She drank thirstily, wiping her mouth afterward.
“What’s your name?” Robin asked.
“Emma,” she answered. “I’m the miller’s daughter.”
Killian raised a brow. “Really?” Continue reading

#OnceUponATime #Fanfic Friday: A Pirate With An Agenda


In my Once Upon A Time fanfic, The Memory Keeper’s Daughter, I continue the story began in The Memory Keeper. Young Meriel Jones is the perfect combination – beautiful, with the cleverness and sword skills of her pirate father and the stubbornness and guts of her savior mother. On her 21st birthday, she’s visited with a terrible curse and to break it, she’ll enlist the aide of a mysterious protector to travel back in time on a mission: to ensure that her parents meet and fall in love (and yes, I wrote this before season three’s finale!).

In this story, you meet a very different Emma Swan – one who never knew her parents, a kingdom in the control of the malevolent Cora, and a pirate who’d payed a steep price for doing the right thing in front of the wrong person.

In this scene, Meriel has enlisted Emma and Killian’s help on a quest, hoping it’ll bring them closer together. Emma isn’t sure she’s ready to trust yet, and Killian has his eye on one thing… Continue reading

#OnceUponATime #Fanfic Friday: Killian To The Rescue!


In my Once Upon A Time Fanfiction, Pandora’s Pain, Pandora has come to Storybrooke in search of a certain box…

Along the way, she sends everyone back to a dark time in their lives, scattering them all over, taking away memories, and wreaking havoc all around.

In this scene, Killian Jones finds himself transported to Neverland, and manages to enlist the aid of a very familiar mermaid in his quest to return to Emma…


Killian started awake, rolling to his feet to face the danger and nearly sank his hook into Ariel. She fell backwards into the sand and he reached down to help her to her feet.

“Apologies, lass,” he said. “This place sets me on edge.”

Ariel nodded, brushing herself off. “That’s understandable. Have you seen anyone?”

Killian shook his head. “No, I’m quite alone. Did you make it to Storybrooke? How is Emma?”

Ariel’s mouth set in a grim line. “You’d better sit down.”

“Is she all right?” He looked at her beseechingly. “Please, Ariel – Is she all right?”

She plopped down on a log nearby. “How does it feel to wonder? To be eaten alive with worry?”

Killian’s jaw tightened. “I deserve that. But I still need to know. Please.” Continue reading

#OnceUponATime #FanFic Friday! Emma Learns All About Parry And Thrust…


It Is What It Isn’t was my second foray into Fanfiction, and full of those early Captain Swan feels. Set in Season 3 after the return from Neverland, we see Emma trying to balance her newly explored feelings for Hook with Neal being an active part of her life. As if that weren’t hard enough, Hook and Neal become the victims of an unwitting curse, tying them together in a way neither of them saw coming.

In this scene, Neal has asked Hook to give Henry some formal swordplay training, much to Emma’s chagrin…

After a shower and a quick cup of coffee, Emma realized that they’d been swordfighting for over an hour and were most likely thirsty by now. She grabbed the pitcher of lemonade out of the fridge and a couple of solo cups and headed out into the yard.

Holy God.

The man had taken his shirt off and was swordfighting her son wearing only tight black leather pants and boots. She’d never seen him shirtless before, and it was more than a little startling. She’d seen the chest hair, of course, but who’d have guessed he’d have those abs? His arms weren’t a surprise, though. She remembered how strong they’d felt when he was kissing her. He’d pulled her in, almost crushing her as she’d felt his tongue and lips and…

Stop. Just stop it, Emma.

This was getting out of hand. Time to fire a warning shot across a certain pirate’s bow.

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#OnceUponATime #Fanfic Friday: Hook And Emma Have A Dance


The Memory Keeper was one of my earlier Once Upon A Time fics, and one of my most beloved by my fans. The whole universe that spun off from that tale is one of my favorite places to be and I still have stories to put in it. But for now, let’s go back to the middle of season three, when Emma meets a stranger dressed in pirate garb who seems vaguely familiar.

In this scene, Killian has been invited to a charity masquerade ball to raise money for Emma’s adoption agency. Her date for the evening turns out to be a total dud – which is just fine with a certain pirate with an agenda…. Continue reading