#OnceUponATime #Fanfic Friday – Killian Contemplates Fatherhood


Captain’s Choice is a fanfic made of supporting stories that take place in and around The Memory Keeper series. In this scene, Killian has just accidentally learned that Emma is carrying his child, and while Emma slumbers peacefully, he contemplates just what that means to him . . .

Holy God.

He took a moment just to let it all sink in. He’d spent so long not worrying about the possibility of ever impregnating anyone, that it hadn’t even occurred to him. There had been so many women – surely after all this time they numbered in the hundreds at the very least. A disjointed smattering of names and faces and body parts – some more memorable than others and very few worth a return visit.

Yet in all that tomcatting he’d been careful. The last thing he ever wanted was a bastard child of his out there somewhere, growing up without a father. He’d sought out a witch and paid for a spell long ago that protected him from any such eventuality. Once it took hold he would be unable to get anyone with child – unless he truly wanted to.

And now he sat, flabbergasted by the fact that he must’ve truly wanted to, with Emma. Continue reading

#OnceUponATime #Fanfic Friday: The Tables Are Turned in “Friendly Shores”


In my Once Upon A Time Fanfic, Friendly Shores, Storybrooke and The Enchanted Forest have been flipped upside down and spun to the winds by a curse gone wrong. No one is who they seem and everyone needs to find themselves again. (And please note – I wrote this role-reversal fic over a year before the “Heroes and Villians” finale in Season 4!!)

In this scene, our three princes – Robin, Killian and Archie (along with Archie’s loyal footsoldier, Leroy) have come upon a slaughtered village and its lone survivor…

“Under here!” Killian shouted, gripping the edge of the cart. Robin and Leroy moved to the other side, and together they rocked the cart until it tipped, crashing over to one side and revealing a huddled lump under a cloak. Killian squatted down, reaching out to roll the person carefully over.
“She’s alive!” Robin said, kneeling down next to Killian. Together, they helped the woman sit upright. She squinted in the bright sunlight, putting up a hand to shield her eyes.
“Thank God you’re here,” she said, coughing hard. “Please – do you have water?”
Archie pulled his water skin from his belt, holding it out to her. She drank thirstily, wiping her mouth afterward.
“What’s your name?” Robin asked.
“Emma,” she answered. “I’m the miller’s daughter.”
Killian raised a brow. “Really?” Continue reading

I Finally Made It To Wattpad!


That’s right! I finally decided to expand my platform to Wattpad! For right now, I’m copying over my Fanfics just to generate some buzz, but I plan on copying over all of my free short stories, and expanding into some new short story titles as well.

I figure it’ll open my stuff up to a wider audience, and I really like what Wattpad has going on. The fans are rabid (I love that!) and the platform encourages all sorts of creativity. In short, I like the vibe.

I’ll be copying over one fanfic and one short story a week until I get caught up (more if I can find the time), and then I plan to grow from there.

So look for me on Wattpad!

#OnceUponATime #FanFic Friday! Emma Learns All About Parry And Thrust…


It Is What It Isn’t was my second foray into Fanfiction, and full of those early Captain Swan feels. Set in Season 3 after the return from Neverland, we see Emma trying to balance her newly explored feelings for Hook with Neal being an active part of her life. As if that weren’t hard enough, Hook and Neal become the victims of an unwitting curse, tying them together in a way neither of them saw coming.

In this scene, Neal has asked Hook to give Henry some formal swordplay training, much to Emma’s chagrin…

After a shower and a quick cup of coffee, Emma realized that they’d been swordfighting for over an hour and were most likely thirsty by now. She grabbed the pitcher of lemonade out of the fridge and a couple of solo cups and headed out into the yard.

Holy God.

The man had taken his shirt off and was swordfighting her son wearing only tight black leather pants and boots. She’d never seen him shirtless before, and it was more than a little startling. She’d seen the chest hair, of course, but who’d have guessed he’d have those abs? His arms weren’t a surprise, though. She remembered how strong they’d felt when he was kissing her. He’d pulled her in, almost crushing her as she’d felt his tongue and lips and…

Stop. Just stop it, Emma.

This was getting out of hand. Time to fire a warning shot across a certain pirate’s bow.

Continue reading

#OnceUponATime #FanFic Friday! Killian And Emma Play A Game


In my Once Upon A Time fanfic, Adrift, Killian has been hit with a wicked curse that sends him back to being the villain that he once was – and then some. It’s up to Emma to rescue him, but it’s also up to Killian to believe he can be the man she fell in love with once more.

In this scene, Killian and Emma are playing a game of Liar’s Dice, and Killian is determined to find out more about the life he led with Emma – A life he has no memory of now… Continue reading

#OnceUponATime #Fanfic Friday -Emma & Captain Jones


Twice Upon A Dream is the sequel to one of my most popular fics, These Dreams. Just as in the original story, Emma and Killian find themselves trapped in the Dreamscape, moving in and out of their own dreams and the dreams of everyone in Storybrooke. It’s one wild and occasionally poignant ride.

In this scene, Emma finds herself back in the Enchanted Forest, and face to face with a Killian Jones that might have been, if his life had worked out a little differently… Continue reading

#OnceUponATime FanFic Friday: Killian And Emma’s Nightclub Adventure #Oncers #CaptainSwan


These Dreams is one of my most popular fanfics, and definitely one of my favorites as well. Sending Killian and Emma into the dreamscape, falling in and out of their own dreams and all the dreams of the people in Storybrooke – it was such an adventure to write. The story really took over and became so much more than I’d envisioned at it’s start – especially since the readers were PM’ing me ideas!

This particular scene is part of a larger chapter of disjointed, crazy dream stuff (including a bit with the two of them riding talking dolphins). Any weird thing can happen in the dreamscape – that’s what makes it so magical! Emma and Killian find themselves in a bar, and the rest is just plain fun: Continue reading

#FanFic Friday: A Little Expansion On Killian’s Interlude With Dark Emma #OUAT #CaptainSwan #Hookers


In “Siege Perilous,” we watched Emma using her dark wiles on Killian to no avail. In this fic, Emma comes back later in the evening to visit Killian again…

Killian set the flask down, giving his eyes a tired rub with his hand. It was very late in the evening, and he felt wearier than he’d felt in a lifetime, beaten down and depleted in a way that left him foundering.

She’d asked him if he loved her. And in that moment, that awful, lingering moment, he knew the answer.

If she had been Emma, truly his Emma, she wouldn’t have had to ask. Continue reading