Tease Week Is Still Going Strong, With More Of Rain’s Story!

Rain in the MoonlightCov

Continuing our teasing theme leading up to the release of Changeling: Book Three of the Seeder Saga…here’s a little more of Rain and Ajan’s story from book two of the Seeder Saga, Rain in the Moonlight.

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Indulgence Is Good For The Soul

And I couldn’t agree more with this:


Of course, there are many ways to use up that extra whipped cream. Know what I’m sayin’?

Enjoy your day tomorrow – I’ll be dropping another installment of my latest Once Upon A Time fanfiction, “Friendly Shores” sometime before Turkey day is over, and I’m hot at work on final edits (and hot is the operative word) on the third book of the Seeder series, breaking soon!