FanFic Friday: Take A Trip Into Regina’s Dreams….Proposal Style! #OnceUponATime #Fanfic #Oncers


In my Once Upon A Time fanfic “These Dreams,” Emma becomes the victim of a magical object that sends her into the dreamscape, running in and out of the dreams of everyone in Storybrooke. The very first dream she falls into is Regina’s, and I couldn’t resist riffing on one of my favorite movies….

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#Once UponATime #FanFiction Friday: What Happened After Emma Dropped The Dagger?


We all remember the tortured look in their eyes, the pain on their faces as they said their goodbyes. The end of season four was emotionally eviscerating, and set the scene perfectly for a whole new Storybrooke in Season five. This week’s fanfic excerpt is from my selection of one-off’s, “You Had Me At Malfeasance“, and the title of this chapter is “Dark Heart.” Here’s my take on what happened after the dagger dropped.

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FanFiction Friday! Read One Of My Favorite Chapters: “Caught In A Bad Bromance!”


In honor of one of the best on-screen TV bromances, I bring you one of my favorite fanfic chapters that I’ve ever written. “Caught In A Bad Bromance” is the story of Killian Jones’s Bachelor Party, and in this particular canon, the gang is all in the Enchanted Forest, and Neal and Graham are still alive and married to Tinkerbell and Red, respectively.

So enjoy Killian’s last night as a free man….Hangover style!!

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