I’m wrapping up the final edits of Earthsinger, and the cover reveal is coming soon! In the meantime, you can go back to where the series began with a FREE copy of Windsinger today and tomorrow only!!

Meet the Elementals – a magical race that inhabits our world embodying the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. Cecy is a “Twixter,” the half-human offspring of an air elemental, who doesn’t always fit in with the rest of our world.

In addition to her magical heritage, Cecy bears another gift, one which will lead her to Brad, a scientist who is studying a very strange phenomenon – one that might signal a far deeper problem and a danger to life as we know it.

Together, they stumble upon a mystery that affects them both, and discover that playing it safe means nothing when love and desire are in the air.


A Short Guide To Elemental Sex

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One of the more interesting parts of writing The Elemental Destinies (apart from the research) has been the carefully chosen words I use in the sexier scenes.

We’re talking about magical people here, who have control over the elements – earth, air, fire, water…and when they come together with a hot-blooded human, oooh baby, it’s electric. But it’s also very unique to each type of elemental. Continue reading

Set Your Calendars – WINDSINGER Is FREE On Friday!

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You read that right! In anticipation of the release of SEASINGER, I’m giving you a chance to read book one of The Elemental Destinies, WINDSINGERabsolutely free!

For one day (and one day only!) this Friday (Feb 5th), WINDSINGER will be free at Amazon. If you’re new to the series, this is your way to catch up for absolutely nuttin’. Bupkus. Nada.

And now for the official announcement: SEASINGER will be released on February 12th! Oodles of magic and steam just in time for Valentine’s Day!! Stay tuned for info on pre-orders!

Book Excerpt Tuesday: Windsinger Meets Seasinger


In this excerpt from Windsinger, book one of my Elemental Destinies series, our male lead, Brad has to help his Windsinger girlfriend, Cecy do something incredibly dangerous – with a little help from a Seasinger named Kai… Continue reading