So Tell Us, Britt – What’s Next?


As you may have guessed, the final book of my Seeder Saga is breaking shortly, and I’m already scribbling away at the next story – a contemporary romance – along with another full fantasy series that’s been teasing at my brain matter.

But first – the contemporary. One thing at a time, Britt, one thing at a time.

The picture above is a bit of a clue – my next story begins in Dublin, with an American lass on a modern-day quest and the Irish lad who’s more than happy to assist (in any way she wants his assistance and then some).

It’s going to have steam, of course, and romance, that’s a given, but this one has a hook that makes it a little more poignant than my usual fare.

I plan to spend most of this weekend getting it partially written – I already have the framework in place and a few scenes built out. This thing seems to be writing itself!

I’ll keep you posted, but in the meantime, I’ve decided on the perfect title.

Someday In Dublin will steal your breath, and your heart – I promise.

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