Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?


Inspiration is, of course, a very personal thing. We’re all inspired differently and probably a lot of it is happenstance (isn’t that an awesome word? I so rarely get to use it in a sentence…).

In my case, I do a lot of daydreaming.

I mean, a lot of daydreaming.  More so now that I’m a single woman, and I have to confess to you that I honestly worry about finding myself in a stable relationship someday. Will I lose my mojo? God, I hope not.

I often get a kernel of inspiration from a TV show or a video I’ve seen – that’s where the latest one came from. I saw a YouTube video that took place in Dublin and I’ve been toying with the idea of visiting myself (and even went so far as to bookmark some sites for different places around the area that I’d like to visit) and on top of that I was re-watching an episode of a favorite TV show and suddenly, a plot started twisting through my head.

My next series (it’s going to be a quad instead of a trilogy) began as a short story I wrote for a contest I was in. It was a horror flash-fiction and creepy as hell, but I wondered what would happen if I made it not as creepy as it seemed? What if I took that premise and shifted it a bit, making it fascinating instead of flesh-crawling? And what if there were others like this girl, whose abilities were similar, but defined by other elements? Hmmmmm…and now suddenly I have a series.

And of course, I’m always inspired by sexy guys I want to get busy with. And they’re all around and easy to write about.

What inspires you?

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