Happy Friday, Everyone – Here’s Another Teasing Peek At Book 3 Of The Seeder Saga!


Are you ready for another tease of the upcoming book? Changeling is the story of Indar, a Seeder who travels the galaxy “seeding” people onto existing and newly-colonized worlds, and Lizzie, a human girl who isn’t all she appears to be. The chemistry between them takes them both by surprise, and we get to watch them sizzle. Here’s a tiny taste of what they’ve got in store…

She sank back in the bed, pulling the covers up to her chin. A few moments later, the door to the bathing room opened and Indar, stepped out, freshly washed and wearing nothing more than towel around his hips.
“Oh no,” Lizzie warned, sitting up again. “You are not sleeping in this bed.”
“Lizzie.” He looked tired and more than a bit put out. “After the last few days, I don’t think I’ve looked forward to a soft bed more in my life.” His eyes narrowed. “You owe me that much, at least.”
Drat. She sighed as she stroked the soft mattress with her hand.
“You’re right. It’s the least I can do. I’ll just—ah—find a spot on the floor over there.”
“Don’t be stupid, Lizzie.” He walked over and slid into the bed next to her. Her eyes widened as he pulled the coverlet over himself and tossed the towel to the floor. “I’ll keep to my side, if that’s where you want me to stay,” he promised.
“Well, of course it is!” She snapped. She lay there fuming for a moment because she wanted to get up and put on a longer gown on, but she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of thinking he was making her uncomfortable. And she most definitely was uncomfortable, thinking about the way the water droplets were clinging to those wide shoulders and running down that beautifully sculpted chest.

Damn him. She blew out the candle on the table.

Lizzie shook the bed a bit as she tried to tuck the coverlet around her. She heard Indar sigh heavily, and she rolled over, giving him her back. It was only a few more moments before the bed shook again as she tucked the coverlet behind her. Silence. Then Lizzie felt the bed move as Indar rolled onto his side. Fine. It was best if they kept their backs to each other, anyway.
He was really warm. She could feel the heat from his body. This bed wasn’t big enough. She exhaled loudly as she flipped onto her back, her hands going up to adjust the coverlet again. They lingered, brushing the tops of her breasts in a slow, sweeping motion as she bit her lip and tried very hard not to think about the heat of all that smooth skin stretched over the muscles on his body. Her thighs tightened again and she took in a deep breath, letting it out slowly.
“That’s quite a war of emotions playing across your face,” Indar remarked.
Lizzie’s eyes snapped open and her head turned, only to find that he’d turned toward her, rather than away from her when he’d shifted. And the moonlight made it bright enough to see every feature of his face—and hers, obviously.
She stared stonily at the ceiling. “You need to get some sleep. You have to be exhausted after all we’ve been through.”
He continued to stare at her with a soft smile tugging at his lips. “You need to sleep, too. But that’s not going to happen for either of us. Not like this.”
Lizzie let out a sigh and rolled to her side to face him. “No, I guess not.”
They looked at each other for a long time, as Lizzie fought a losing battle against the pull he had on her senses. As if he read her mind, Indar’s hand reached out, pulling aside the coverlet and sliding his hand from her waist down to the curve of her hip where it rested, warm and solid and making her tingle all over.
“Lizzie…” He said nothing more. He simply waited, his eyes bright in the moonlight.
She swallowed hard. “Just for tonight, Indar. That’s it. Only tonight.”
His hand tightened, then relaxed again. He nodded.
“If that’s what you want.”


Changeling will be out next week! Keep watching here or my Facebook and Twitter pages for updates!

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