My Thoughts On “Traditional” Publishing


You’ve no doubt noticed that I’ve published exclusively in e-book format and on my own platform via Kindle and Smashwords. I did try to go the traditional route first, but Sky Woman was a tough sell due to the nature of the plot – it sort of went out of the bounds of a mainstream romance but not far enough out to be considered kink or fetish. Every editor that saw it wanted me to either pare it down or load it up with vampires, lesbians, three-ways and bondage scenes.

That wasn’t this book.

So I took it back and turned it loose and lo and behold, plenty of people liked that it was different. And with the advent of e-reading devices, the erotic book market has blown up, making it far more lucrative (and far less a waste of time) for me to publish my steamy books on my own.

But then I’ve got a Young Adult novel….

I’ve gone the traditional publishing route with this one – but so far, no luck. They all love it (well, the ones that have gotten back to me, anyway) but it’s just not the book they’re looking for right now. They want the next Fault in Our Stars or Perks of Being A Wallflower in the YA market, and I’ve  got a fantasy adventure. It happens to be entirely devoid of vampires, werewolves, angels, demons and post-apocalyptic dystopian societies, but still, not what they’re looking for. It’s been bouncing around with various publishers and agents for damn near a  year now, and I think I may just publish it myself.

And then I saw this: is running a YA novel contest. You post your YA novel to their site, and their readers leave feedback and ratings. The top rated novels get published – it’s that simple.

Only, it’s not. I have to leave it up there for six months, and I don’ t make a dime off of it. I can take it back down if it isn’t chosen, and I’ll have lots of feedback to go with it, so that’s great – but still….that’s six months that it could be making me money if I publish it myself.

Then again, it’s a crap shoot as to whether it’ll make me money, because it’s not my usual smutty fare. It’s YA. It’s a great story, but it’s an entirely different genre.

And SwoonReads is a division of MacMillian in New York, a reputable publishing company that my work would be sitting in front of.

I have the completed, edited manuscript. It’s not like it would be extra effort on my part.

I need to mull this one over. I’ll keep you posted….

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